“The All You Need to Know Show” is at Maxine’s Taproom on September 29th. The address is 107 N Block Ave in downtown Fayetteville, and the show is free. The performance starts at 7 pm, but Maxine’s is open at 5 pm on Sundays.

“The All You Need to Know Show” is a new “information variety show,” in which a group of actors, poets, musicians, and artists create performances on a randomly chosen topic once a month. September’s topic is Bicycle.

How the show works: The topic of the show is determined in the previous month’s show. An audience member randomly selects a topic and each performer spends the next 30 days learning about the topic, and creating a performance based on the topic. In addition to performing a monologue, song, video or poem, the artist also participates in a Question & Answer session with a “fact checker.” A themed vaudeville/ trivia/ talk show, “The All You Need to Know Show,” will be at Maxine’s every month as a part of “Sunday Night Service at Maxine’s,” a new performance series featuring four different shows every month, always on Sunday, and always free.

“The All You Need to Know Show” is a collaboration between theatre artists Erika Wilhite (The Artist’s Laboratory Theatre,) Morgan Hicks (Theatre Squared) and performance poet Houston Hughes (The Individual World Slam Poetry Festival.)