Fayetteville Underground announces new artists and art classes

Gallery manager Joëlle Storet
Gallery manager Joëlle Storet


Seven local artists have the profound opportunity to represent The Fayetteville Underground with their work in the visual arts. Through this prospect, they have a studio residency that also serves as a work space where they are free to create and showcase their art. These artists include Karen Ahuja, Anthony Davis, Leah Cowden, Amy Eichler, Celestine Eichler, Cory Perry, Cheri Bohn, and Joëlle Storet, and are also given the chance to host “Artist Talks” which provides them with an opportunity to intertwine their art with the community, and freely talk about their creative messages.

Through an application process directed by The Fayetteville Underground’s board of administration and curatorial panel, this team was compiled in October 2016. Joëlle Storet, one of the managers and local artists at the Fayetteville Underground, expressed her vision for the visual arts and the community to work together “to support our local artists to the highest standards, and encourage education and public engagement in the arts throughout Fayetteville and the surrounding area.”

With the aid of community support and volunteer action, The Fayetteville Underground provides the service of a showcase of regional art, as well as new exhibitions every month.

“In addition to monthly exhibits, the work of visiting visual artists is showcased regularly throughout the year,” Storet says.

All aspects of art in Fayetteville are encouraged through The Fayetteville Underground’s mission, including dance, film, painting, drawing, ceramics, music, and comedic theatre. Local artists and other organizations are also welcomed to collaborate for various events around town from anything such as concerts to classes and performances.


The Fayetteville Underground has certainly upheld its role with keeping the community in tune with the arts, by creating open studio sessions twice a month for featuring artists to interact with the public. These sessions include a Portraiture session, which gives artists and visitors a venture to study their creativity and public figures, as well as a drawing theory class.

For more information regarding any events or subjects mentioned above reference, contact (at) fayettevilleunderground (dot) com.


TheatreSqaured set to premiere award-winning play “Detroit”



A Pulitzer Prize finalist and award-winning play that started at the Steppenwolf Theatre Company is set to hit one local stage in Northwest Arkansas. New dark comedy “Detroit” is coming to the TheatreSquared stage this February for a four-week run, and during that time its playwright Lisa D’Amour will make an appearance a few blocks away at the Fayetteville Public Library. Continue reading “TheatreSqaured set to premiere award-winning play “Detroit””

Arts Center of the Ozarks hosts “Possessions” installation by Ben Edwards



In the eyes of a local artist, humans can see the world better with less physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual possessions because in the end, all they do is lead to arbitrary constructs forced upon each other. It is through this message that 40-year-old functional pottery artist Ben Edwards created “Possessions,” an exhibition made up of three artworks that is on display at the Arts Center of the Ozarks until next month. Continue reading “Arts Center of the Ozarks hosts “Possessions” installation by Ben Edwards”

A Quiet Roar: Collage Artist Meikel Church Gains International Recognition for Work That Is Refined Yet Lionhearted



“Collage is such an introverted art form,” says Meikel Church, a quiet, shy artist whose work speaks volumes. Church articulates carefully and softly, and I can’t help but see that as a reflection of the thoughtful process he undertakes to produce the subtle, intelligent, finely assembled pieces that have earned him international recognition.

Church’s work has been included in juried exhibitions in New York and Greece, and he has been picked for national and international collage publications, including the Obscure Magazine, A Minor, and Kolaj, in which he has been featured multiple times. Continue reading “A Quiet Roar: Collage Artist Meikel Church Gains International Recognition for Work That Is Refined Yet Lionhearted”

Fayetteville’s FEAST Gallery to host inaugural show “Cowboy”



Fayetteville residents can indulge their senses with the expansive art of aesthetics, craft, curation, food, sound, experience and discussion at the newly opened FEAST Gallery.

The contemporary art gallery is now housed in its newly renovated location at 1495 S. Finger Road, which was previously occupied by Bottle Rocket Gallery. Continue reading “Fayetteville’s FEAST Gallery to host inaugural show “Cowboy””

Third Ozark Mixology Competition Sees Close Competition



Six Northwest Arkansas bartenders continually whipped up sample cocktails for the privileged public who had bought tickets to the sold out last night of Ozark Mixology & Arts Festival on Jan. 15.

Each guest walked around Nomads Music Lounge sipping the wide variety of liquid creations and finally marking down his or her top three cocktails based on creativity, complexity, flavor profiles and balance and presentation on a submission sheet. Continue reading “Third Ozark Mixology Competition Sees Close Competition”

Resistance Is Not Futile: Alt Resist Opens Discussion Through Artistic Mediums



She has been an artist for over 20 years, but two years ago everything drastically changed for North Little Rock resident
V. L. Cox and the direction of her work when she displayed her now nationally known Doors project in protest of legal discrimination. Cox is now inviting other artists “dig deeper” and contribute to the discussion on her new website Alt Resist.

The idea for the website first started forming in Cox’s mind during the 57-block walk back to her hotel from the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City on the night of Nov. 8 2016. Continue reading “Resistance Is Not Futile: Alt Resist Opens Discussion Through Artistic Mediums”

SAAC To Unveil New Gallery at Membership Showcase Reception on January 19


The visual arts committee of the South Arkansas Arts Center invites the public to a grand reopening of the beautiful and swanky, newly refurbished, Price and Merkle Galleries on Thursday, January 19, from 5:00-7:00pm. The first exhibit to show in the brand new gallery is the Membership Showcase with an artist’s reception that night honoring the local artists who have their works in the show.  The Membership Showcase is an annual art exhibit featuring SAAC members’ art that will hang in the galleries until January 31. Continue reading “SAAC To Unveil New Gallery at Membership Showcase Reception on January 19”

47th Annual Mid-Southern Watercolorists Exhibition Returns to the Arkansas Arts Center

David Belling_Sanibel Island LighthouseJuried exhibition on display February 10 – April 16, 2017

The Annual Juried Exhibition of the Mid-Southern Watercolorists (MSW) returns to the Arkansas Arts Center, February 10 – April 16, 2017. This will be the third of a three-year partnership between the Mid-Southern Watercolorists and the Arkansas Arts Center. Continue reading “47th Annual Mid-Southern Watercolorists Exhibition Returns to the Arkansas Arts Center”

The Artist Retreat Center Presents Dance Monkey Dance featuring Doug Dicharry


“Dance, Monkey, Dance!” was formed out of the necessity to create. Doug Dicharry spent years honing his chops in a successful international touring band, but needed to get back to his roots and rediscover his love for playing music. Even while becoming a talented multi-instrumentalist (drums, trombone, trumpet, mandolin, washboard, spoons), he decided to pick up the guitar and has been obsessively writing songs since.

Continue reading “The Artist Retreat Center Presents Dance Monkey Dance featuring Doug Dicharry”