Salon Owner Megan Cash has a variety of specialties, but is most commonly known for her expertise in vivid colors.

“I totally didn’t mean to fall into this profession,” Cash said. “I never had a passion for the beauty industry; in fact, it went against a lot of my personal moral compass as far as industrializing and capitalizing off women’s insecurities.”

Cash says that she never enjoyed doing her own hair, makeup, or partaking in a lot of the traditional things hairstylists typically enjoy before they become hairstylists.

However, she loved being ‘different’. 

“I’d dye my own hair and my friends’ hair all sorts of neon colors and play around a lot with the idea of self expression and individuality. I had always dreamed of being a freelance artist.”

Megan’s art background and education plays a big role in her current profession, and it came very natural to her. Cash specializes in vivid colors, and says that she loves working with blondes. 

“I’m known for a lot of platinum blonde work, and it’s purely because my goal from the start was to do a lot of creative color and vivids – and you can’t create a good vivid color without having a perfectly clean platinum canvas beforehand.”

Megan has been in the hair/beauty industry since 2017, but has professionally been doing hair for around 4 years. She spent one year in a traditional booth rental salon and then opened her own space in 2021.

Cash says she rarely sees any client for less than 3 hours. For bigger projects, she can spend anywhere from 6-9 hours with one client at a time. 

“With each new appointment, the trust builds naturally. I love my job because it’s mentally stimulating, fun, and creative, but my favorite part of my job is that it just feels like I’m being paid to hang out with my friends. It never feels like work, it just feels like connection.”

While there are a plethora of ways to color and style hair, Cash says that she is a visual person who doesn’t go by the book, and the majority of her clientele are the same.

“There’s no right or wrong way to be a good stylist. You don’t even necessarily have to be ‘good’ at hair to be a good stylist,” Cash said.

Megan stated that there will always be a type of client out there that works for you, and there’s no rush to fill your books with people in this world who don’t align with you. 

“Find what kind of person you are, what your heart aligns with, what matters to you beyond hair, and position yourself so similar people can find you. You’ll build an authentic, lucrative business that will always fulfill you that way.”