Barber Hunter Brasher comes from 3 generations of hairstylists – his grandfather, parents, and siblings have all been in the industry. His parents even owned multiple successful salons together in Dallas, TX. At first, he said he would never get into hair and wanted to study robotic engineering to be different; soon after, he gravitated toward hair knowing that he could still be unique and utilize his artistic skills.

To initially build his business and gain clientele, Hunter printed out hundreds of flyers for the Fayetteville High School football team and ran a promotion for 10% donated back to the school, with the return of the flyer.

“The first year of promoting was rough, but it really has paid off, and it helps that Fayetteville is big about supporting local businesses,” Brasher said.

Hunter specializes in freehand cuts on his clients, primarily using clippers then going in with a pair of shears to soften and finish the look.

One of the biggest complaints Hunter has heard from clients is not being able to recreate the style they’re left with after the appointment.

“It’s important to spend an extra 15 minutes with your client to style and teach them how products work so they know how to maintain it after they go home,” Hunter said. “It feels good seeing the feeling of confidence in a client. Every client is different; once you get to know who you have in your chair, you just have fun with them after that.”

Whether it’s in hair school or in the salon, Hunter says that confidence is one of the most important things to walk in with – with an emphasis on confidence over arrogance.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care,” Hunter said.