Singer, songwriter, producer, and editor Bryan Frazier, who has been in the arts community for around 15 years, recently released a music video after a ten-year hiatus. Frazier’s band Diamond States, which was formed in the last four years has curated the space for him to begin working on music again, leading to the release of a 4 song EP “Neon Animals” in collaboration with Travis McElroy and Thick Syrup Records.

After playing select shows since their formation, NBC contacted the band last year to come on a show called American Song Contest in which Diamond States was runner-up to appear.  Using that momentum to push their projects and production. Frazier then met famous music engineer, Brian Reeves, who mixed Neon Animals before they had it sent off to Abbey Road Studios in London to be mastered. Reeves is known for mixing bands like U2 and Simple Minds.

Frazier is also the mastermind behind the video they recently released for their EP. After months of planning and writing, He decided that he wanted “to portray multiple levels and types of love as well as levels of loss” which is why the video is similar to that of a short film. The music video stretches beyond the realm of a traditional love story where a boy meets a girl and falls in love. Using his poetic lyrics, the video will have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Unbroken Hearts was shot in production with Bryan Stafford, a cinematographer whom Frazer says “none of this could happen” without him.

Unbroken Hearts is the very first time that Frazier has combined his music with visual art, film, and live performance, which he hopes to curate more often with other projects in the works. Frazier says, “I’ve often imagined weaving multiple levels of my life experiences of music and film into an immersive visual art experience.” With a background in the film and music industry, he will continue to push forward in ventures with Diamond States as well as a personal pursuit with multimedia art. He has a permanent installation at Bentonville’s The Ledger, as well as being accepted into the Delta Exhibit Twice and the Small Works on Paper exhibit. On top of all he is doing, Frazier is also the founder of LRAD, Little Rock Arts District, and serves as board president.

You can find Diamond States on Spotify, Instagram, and YouTube. You can find Frazier’s work at The Ledger, as well as on his website. The music video for Unbroken Hearts will be released at midnight on the 22nd of September and will be followed by his installation of the video with his mixed media art series at the M2 gallery the next day. The reception will take place on the 23rd at 1300 Main Street, in Little Rock. People are welcome to join the band at South on Main for the M2 EXP afterparty where they will be performing live.