Henry O. Head is an intentional photographer who is continuing to learn and grow just like the rest of us.  At his talk at The Momentary with MoPros, O. Head discussed his seasons of life alongside creating with intention and embracing the uniqueness of each and every moment.  O. Head believes “all of us are in our own unique season.  Learning to be more present with what our unique moments have for us can be really liberating.”

Being an intentional photographer can allow you to have more emphasis on the subject, says O. Head.  “With intention, you can do something really fun with photography. Let the whole thing be mysterious, overwhelming, and beautiful.”

Just like many of us out there, O. Head has had moments of having a passion and desire for so much in life.  He said that he often feels like he wants to “reel it all in and do one thing,” but never does, which leaves room for creativity, growth, and a multitude of experiences.  The photographer left his home in Branson, MO, at the age of 19 to hitch-hike his way down the coast of California.  On that journey, he found his love for film.  Shooting a range of editorial, fashion, weddings, and portraiture to skateboarding and social justice documentation.

The thing about film for O. Head is that it creates a “forced limitation, to slow down and find what really stands out.”