Favorite Guilty Pleasure Food?

I’ll be sorry I’ve admitted this, but I can never pass up an onion ring. I even like the bad ones, but when I encounter the real thing – big and crisp with that sly onion aroma – I’m a goner.  I can devour them at a truly astonishing rate.

Guilty Pleasure Song?

Is there such a thing? Really? I’ve never found a song I was ashamed to admire.

Guilty Pleasure TV Show?

Oh yes. “Outlander.” I’m a sucker for both historical fiction and time travel tales, and when the two come together, I’m lost. The great production values are a definite plus.

Guilty Pleasure Bad Movie?

There are a million reasons to object to this fairytale of a movie – political, feminist, and intellectual just for starters– and I’ll cop to them all. But when “Pretty Woman” shows up on late night TV, I can never resist it.