On Friday, June 7, Volume 2 of the Garland House Art Shows brought out a sizable crowd to the large, white downtown Little Rock residence on 1114 Garland Street known simply as “Garland House” by its tenants and the rest of us.

The evening’s theme was collage art, and the upstairs hallway was lined with works by local artists who deal in collage, and many of the pieces were purchased during the show. The artists showing their work were Vincent Griffin, (Idle Class Issue #1 cover artist, Bear Colony) Michael Church, and David Huff (also of Bear Colony).

The adjacent lots were filled with cars and the house’s porch and lawn were scattered with a variety of people conversing in small groups. A Garland House art show has a bit more social variety than your average house party, and a more mannered vibe.

Back inside, the high-ceilinged, little room off the kitchen, which seems like it could have been someone’s bedroom, was set up with a PA system, where author and journalist Suzi Parker, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of her controversial book,Sex in the South: Unbuckling the Bible Belt, read a story aloud from the book about her visit with the proprietors of Southern Charms, a… niche porn site.

Afterwards, Isaac Alexander played a set with his band to close out the evening.

We’re all looking forward to the July show, the theme of which has yet to be announced. But you’ll know as soon as we know.

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