By Martin Bemberg

They say there are in “Eskimo” some thirty or more words for ice.

But we too have many words for water’s many ways.
We pray of rain that goes away, swim lakes in summer,
Sometimes shower after in the cleanest of redundancies,
Sometimes fill our cups with ice to chill,
We guzzle beer, which is it too with yeast and hops
And barley, and others only brewers know.

Today I gleaned from bed while waking my country’s map upon the wall,
Just to, of a sudden, be made marked by shivers and
A feeling somehow vulnerable at the vastness and
Right angle borders of Colorado.

At one o’clock I found this fear is nothing
That cannot be fixed by a lunch of fruit
And a mason jar of life’s one illustration
Most transparent,

Which is just one of many ways to name
The wonder that is water.