In a world with dizzying standards and expectations, singer/songwriter Lindsey Cox is smart enough to be confused. Through stepmom, an orchestral dream punk quartet from Oklahoma City, she creates a space for listeners to confront the confusion of the modern world and, for however brief a time, exist separately from it. 

Stepmom took the stage as an opener for Soccer Mommy at The Momentary in January. Although steadily gaining traction (and not slowing down any time soon), stepmom’s sound was new to many Arkansas listeners, reaching audiences with their skilled vocals, hooky melodies, and striking stage presence. 

The stepmom setlist, with its danceable, fuzzy garage rock and textured orchestral arrangements, draws parallels to indie rock groups Le Tigre and Dazey and the Scouts. Cox’s music pairs ‘60s-reminiscent harmonic layers with the amped-up repetition of traditional punk, but the contrast both pleases the ear and reflects the absurdity of the systems it critiques. The orchestral elements add a whimsical overtone to an otherwise bold and rebellious soundscape, and through these genre-bending arrangements, stepmom both honors the multifaceted nature of feminine identity and mimics the contradictions of societal expectations. 

Songs like “Damage Control” and “Chaos Candy” comment on issues such as influencer culture, social media toxicity, unrealistic beauty standards, body dysmorphia, and the anxieties that society nurses in young women. “It’s almost like you have to prove to society…that there’s depth to you,” Cox says. “Unlearning the roles and expectations that the patriarchy places on women at a young age has been a huge thing for me.”

That said, she creates music for listeners of all backgrounds–“I don’t want to be closed off to anyone,” she says. Cox urges all audiences to look at the world and see the systems that don’t make sense, the status quos that aren’t fair, and the ways these structures shape the self.

Stepmom is set to perform at Frost Fest tomorrow, joined by Arkansas acts Bonnie Montgomery, Sad Palomino, and Gardensnakes. Following the main event, the Frost Fest afterparty will feature performances by The Phlegms and Vintage Pistols. In addition to these performances, tickets to the event promise access to vendors, artists, food trucks, and over sixty brews. To purchase tickets or learn more, visit

Photos courtesy of Ellie Johnson (Instagram: @elliejphoto)