By Kirby Light

one day I was out driving,
it was one of those hot days
where your clothes stick to you
even though your windows rolled down,
the sun was setting.
The sky was gold
and this song came on the radio.
For some reason it made me think of this girl,
someone I hadn’t thought about in quite a while.

When I first met her
we were drunk,
in my bathroom
with the door closed,
her sitting on the sink,
and me standing
between her very nice thighs
with my hands on her fishnet stockings,
I thought that I should bend down
and kiss her,
but before I could
she looked up at me with these sad eyes
and this nineteen year old girl
told me
that she had been getting black out drunk all week
and that she always felt like a child.
She asked me
how she could raise her three year old daughter
being like that.
I had no answer.
I don’t think I said anything at all.
Instead of kissing her
I backed away,
taking my hands off of her fishnet stockings
and very nice thighs.
We left the bathroom
and went out onto my balcony
where I put my jacket on her
and zipped it up
then we split a cigarette.
My friend took her to bed that night.
Sobriety came with the dawn.

And I thought about this as I drove
Not having thought about her since that night
I thought about this as I walked into my house
As I wrote this poem
And when I’m done writing this poem

I won’t think about her again.