Ozark Natural Foods will be hosting the abstract and figurative artworks of Rachel Ann Rodriguez during the month of February. A free artist reception will be held on February 7 from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. Rodriguez will be passing out signed prints to the first ten visitors.

Rodriguez’s figurative paintings depict enchanting female goddesses, strong in demeanor yet softly blended into the canvas. Her figures are inspired by Goddess mythology and classical representation of mythological figures in art. These goddesses represent the continuation of the mythological figure in painting in the modern day, a tradition that is almost as old art itself. Among Rodriguez’s greatest classical inspirations are Italian Renaissance art and the work of Salvador Dali.

IMG_237046580739916Vibrant color is no stranger to Rodriguez’s work and she often uses color as a medium of symbolism and emotion. This is especially present in her abstract paintings, which serve as mirrors of her emotions and inner nature.

“The natural elements are usually symbolic of an inner feeling. Certain colors reflect life like green or blue. Vibrant colors might reflect my mood like red being passion or warmth,” says Rodriguez.

Though much of her work conveys a clear feminine message, this show is open to all and Rodriguez hopes her art will awaken emotion and introspection in all who view it. Every month the art at the Gallery Café is updated, and every first Saturday there is a reception for that month’s artist. Artists interested in showing their work at ONF may contact ONF’s Communications Coordinator, Gary, at garyr@onf.coop.