Portrait of a Beautiful White Mess
By Jim Miller

She packs the complimentary spiral ham away in her lonely plastic Tupperware
container of sorrow
Working on a holiday
sweaty roller chair of pent up rage
Navigating the activation of a cheap ass
second hand wireless device
Slavery still exists
and the people still apologize
to their service providers
Slinging hash, accepting cash
without compromise
from grit eating saps who ask
for more large Styrofoam cups
Fuck these stuck white collar jobs
Demeaning Christmas jingles in vacant halls
and corporate restaurants
Piss after midnight
anywhere not appropriate
Burned rubber and Indian gas pumps
Stuck in old hotels with no lights on
White temples erected in front of glowing pillar castles
Tinsel in a beautiful brunettes hair
Somewhere in Arkansas
There is an open bar
In the woods an old tired tree is being viciously
Snapped in half by a cold icy wind