NWA Fashion Week is back better than ever and is gearing up for NWA Fashion Week  Spring 2018! This year the events will take place during the last week of March, with  pop-up boutiques and runway shows stretching from March 28 – 31st.

Wednesday, March 28th 
Shopping Night Out | Downtown Bentonville 
Participating boutiques will stay open from 5pm – 7pm to promote a fun shopping  experience in the lead-up to the runway shows. Participating boutiques include Lola, Denim & Essentials, Hello Luvvy, Nancy Martin, and more. Cocktails, headshots, music,  and a few surprises are planned at various locations throughout Downtown Bentonville.  Guests are invited to stop by any or all of the participating boutiques and make some  last-minute additions to their NWAFW wardrobes!

Thursday, March 29th 
Boutique Runway Shows | Record 
New for this season: the shows are launching with an exciting night of exclusive  boutique runway shows, highlighting the freshest Spring trends and hottest
ready-to-wear items for Spring/Summer 2018.   Doors open at 6:30pm, shows begin at 7:30pm. Tickets range from $40 – $100.  Participating boutiques include: Hubbard Clothing Co., Hello Luvvy, Maude, Lola, Indie, Roper, Denim & Essentials, and Ensemble of Elan.

Friday, March 30th 
Designer Runway Shows | Record 
NWA Fashion Week’s Spring Shows will feature new and returning designers to the  runway! Our two nights of designer showcases will launch with NWAFW Fall 2017  Emerging Designer Award Winner Love, Zelda. Returning show favorites include Rosie  Rose, Aimz, Felix Bui, and Ashley Little of Material Concepts, who is launching a new line  called Ellen Elaine. New additions to the runway are the lines Regal Radiance, based  out of Little Rock; Gina Gallina, an all knit-wear collection; and Project Runway alumni  Korto Momolu!  Doors open at 6:30pm, shows begin at 7:30pm. Tickets range from $40 – $100.  Participating designers include: Love, Zelda Felix Bui Aimz Ellen Elaine, Rosie Rose, Regal Radiance,  Gina Gallina and Korto Momolu.

Saturday, March 31st 
The final evening of NWA Fashion Week Spring 2018 has a few favorite returning  designers and some very exciting new additions! Returning from Spring 2017 are  A’Lyece Lenae and G by Gavin, both fan favorites. NWAFW Fall 2017 Designer Incubator Award Winner Richard Cotto is returning with his new brand R-Gene, featuring designs for both men and women. New additions to the runway include Eric  Jones’ ambitious line of footwear Like Father Like Son, partnered with Lola and Denim &  Essentials for his runway showcase. And the grand finale of NWA Fashion Week Spring  2018 will be a first-ever runway show from the Arkansas’ most successful brand Lauren  James! Doors open at 6:30pm, shows begin at 7:30pm. Tickets range from $40 – $100.  Participating designers include:  Like Father, Like Son; A’Lyece Lenae; Richie Clark Clothing; Lauren James; InkJnk; R-Gene and G by Gavin.