Curvahedra takes beautiful and esoteric geometry and puts it into your hands. Drawing on obscure mathematical concepts, Dr. Edmund Harriss, mathematician, teacher, artist, and maker at the University of Arkansas, has spent five years developing a system that is accessible to everyone of all ages. Simple, yet smart, it is a small collection of branched pieces with a buckle at the end of each arm and depending on how you connect them, these pieces can come together to form a ball, hearts, hats and more.

The initial concept for Curvahedra got its start with a prototype presented on Kickstarter which raised over $20,000. After the Kickstarter campaign Edmund teamed up with two Northwest Arkansas entrepreneurs, Jason Kohrig and Brad Harvey, to further develop Curvahedra´s connector system and materials. Together, the three of them refined the design and manufacturing, created a brand, and formed a great idea into a functioning company. The result of all this was the brilliant buckle connector system cut out of mylar which meant that the pieces were far more durable.

Dr. Harriss´ passion is to make the intricate world of mathematics more accessible for others to explore and to enjoy and since its launch, he continues to explore other possibilities with the current Curvahedra system with plans to launch new puzzles in the near future. In regards to his work with the university, Dr. Harriss is working on the mathematical models for curvahedra along with a related grant around creating mathematical experiences on the theme of Gravity with Stephen Burgin, Dave Fredrick and Vincent Edwards. While their team is currently working with several retailers, in the US and abroad, to expand their retail footprint for the future, Curvahedra is currently available via their website,, and in the gift shop at Crystal Bridges.