“My Favorite Guitar” is a new video series launched by Gerard Matthews of Little Rock.  He’s passionate about music and wanted to give musicians the chance to share what makes their instrument special.  Here’s what Gerard had to say about this project:

“Guitar players love their guitars. I just wanted to tell that story because I love hearing about gear and instruments, but I don’t really see those stories anywhere. So, I decided I’d go out and find some of them myself. This town and this state are just lousy with good musicians, so I thought I’d start asking around.

His first episode is on John Willis.  Here’s why Gerard picked John:

“I initially thought of John because I think his music is like nothing else that’s coming out around here right now. It’ just so good, and fun, and delightful. And it’s just so tastefully executed. Plus, I think people really associate him with the piano, so I thought that might be kind of fun. He was really great and really gracious. I’m really happy with the video and I hope to do a lot more of them. I’m shooting for one per month. So we’ll see how that goes.”
Watch it now: