Art. Business. Community. The Arkansas Arts Council has partnered with Mid-America Arts Alliance to bring free, professional development workshops to Arkansas artists. Registrations are now open.

Artist INC Express is a three-day intensive workshop created to address the specific business needs and challenges artists of all disciplines face every day. Building upon Artist INC’s experience working with hundreds of artists in the Midwest region through its core Artist INC Live seminar, Artist INC Express is designed to focus participants on learning the most essential skills in the shortest amount of time.

Led by professional artist facilitators, the workshop is highly interactive and includes activities and discussions focused on goal setting, writing about one’s work and building a personal brand – the building blocks for a sustainable art practice and a successful arts business.

Like all Artist INC programming, Artist INC Express immediately activates a network of artists in their community leading to additional peer-to-peer resource sharing and support long after the workshop concludes.

The Artist INC Express workshop is led by Artist INC’s veteran peer facilitators. This live online workshop will be delivered via Zoom. Workshop participants have the opportunity to interact with the facilitators and other artists, engage in live discussions and activities.

Upcoming Sessions are:

Western Arkansas – March 5-7, 2021

Central Arkansas – March 26-28, 2021

Northeast Arkansas – April 9-11, 2021

South Arkansas – May 7-9, 2021

Artist INC Express – Arkansas is for Arkansas Residents Only – Age 18 and older.

About Artist INC

Artist INC is a program of Mid-America Arts Alliance. Founded in 2009, in partnership with the University of Missouri-Kansas City Innovation Center, Artist INC programs have reached thousands of individual artists of all disciplines throughout the Mid-America Arts Alliance region. The core Artist INC Live seminar has been delivered to artists in Arkansas (Argenta and Northwest Arkansas); Kansas (Lawrence and Wichita); Missouri (Kansas City); Nebraska (Omaha); Oklahoma (Oklahoma City and Tulsa); and Texas (Austin and Houston). In addition to Artist INC Live, programming now includes Artist INC Advance; Artist INC Express; and What Works workshops to allow flexibility in serving communities of all sizes.

About Arkansas Arts Council

The Arkansas Arts Council advances and empowers the arts by providing services and funding for programming that encourages and assists literary, performing and visual artists in achieving standards of professional excellence. The Arkansas Arts Council provides technical and financial assistance to Arkansas arts organizations and other providers of cultural and educational programs. The Arkansas Arts Council is an agency of Arkansas Heritage, a division of the Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism.

About Mid-America Arts Alliance Mid-America Arts Alliance

Mid-America Arts Alliance (M-AAA) strengthens and supports artists, cultural organizations and communities throughout our region and beyond. M-AAA are especially committed to enriching the cultural life of under-served communities by providing high-quality, meaningful and accessible arts and culture programs and services. We believe in more art for more people. Additional information about M-AAA is available at https://www.maaa.org/.