By Kirby Light

My mother used to work at a veterinarian’s office
as a janitor.
During his lunch
the vet there would go
and get really stoned,
then he would come back to work.
Sometimes he would perform surgeries,
there would be

nicked arteries,
skewered livers,
and poor stitches.

Now this was the seventies
and in Houston Texas.
Time and place seem to have bearing.

Although I don’t really know.

But one day a woman came in
with a pregnant dog,

a chow,
or lab,
or collie,
I don’t remember.

She wanted the dog spayed.

So the Vet preformed the surgery
Then he took the unborn puppies
and threw them in the trash.

This was a story my mother told me.
I think there’s a lesson in it somewhere.