The Arkansas Cinema Society (ACS) will host a special 10th anniversary screening of “Valley Inn,” a feature film shot in Northwest Arkansas, on Friday, June 7 at Walker Park in Fayetteville. The show starts at 8 p.m. and is free to the public. 


“Valley Inn” is the first entry in a Summer Film Series between ACS and the City of Fayetteville taking place once a month through September. More details to be

announced soon.


Shot at locations around NWA, “Valley Inn” stars Joey Lauren Adams, David Lansbury, Natalie Canerday and Jordan Scott and features special appearances by American Idol winner Kris Allen and Academy Award winner Mary Steenburgen. 


The film is directed by Arkansas native Kim Swink and her husband Chris Spencer. Swink co-wrote it with Nelsie Spencer. Blake Elder served as Director of Photography. It was produced by Kindred Films and Here’s to Everything Entertainment.


The fish-out-of-water story of “Valley Inn” follows New Jersey college student, Emily Mason, who finds herself deployed a thousand miles from home in a small, hot, dusty southern town selling books door-to-door for the summer. 


Through a series of misadventures in “The Bookfield,” her growing friendships with the quirky residents of Hindsville and Lee Dickson, an easy-going local boy who proves you can’t judge a book by its cover, Emily soon discovers what it means to follow your heart at the Valley Inn.

“Valley Inn” was Swink’s dream project. She said hopes the screening draws movie lovers from the community who helped make the project come to life.


“Wow, time really does fly,” Swink said. “I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since the amazing ‘Valley Inn’ film family finished all the hard work that went into creating and releasing our lovely heart project. Huge thanks to Kody Ford for remembering this 10-year milestone when I didn’t, and the Arkansas Cinema Society for hosting the 10th Anniversary screening of ‘Valley Inn.’ Chris Spencer and I are so excited to return to the scene of our adventures across Northwest Arkansas, and to celebrate this labor of love with the people who made it happen, our forever friends – the cast, crew, musicians, and supporters of ‘Valley Inn.’ Here’s to a wonderful reunion.”


Kody Ford, ACS Director of Outreach, Education and Statewide Programs, said he believes the film played an important role in film development in NWA.


“Valley Inn played a critical role in kicking off the filmmaking ecosystem in NWA,” Ford said. “It helped launch careers for crew and local actors and planted the seeds for Rockhill Studios. Hosting this 10th anniversary screening with the help of our friends at The City of Fayetteville Department of Parks, Natural Resources and Cultural Affairs is a perfect way to celebrate the contributions that the team behind Valley Inn made to our region.”


Kerri Elder, of Rockhill Studios, echoed the sentiment.


“All of us at Rockhill Studios are grateful for the launchpad that ‘Valley Inn’ provided,” she said. “Since its release the industry has grown by huge leaps and bounds, numerous jobs have been created and millions of dollars infused into the local economy. Thanks to Kim, Chris and Blake for taking a leap of faith in Arkansas. We are excited that ACS is screening ‘Valley Inn’ on its 10th year release anniversary.”