Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art may be closed until next month to support coronavirus containment efforts, but the surrounding trails and grounds remain open for visitors to enjoy. The museum has created supplementary digital resource material, as well as a new online collection of spring artwork and plant/wildlife guides on the CB Outdoors app.

The app has maps, plant guides, and self-guided tours through the woods, extensive lists of plants, animals, art, architecture, and natural features found within the 120 acres of Ozark forest on which Crystal Bridges sits. It also includes a complete map of all the trails and bonus audio content from naturalists and other experts, according to a press release.

The Crystal Bridges team has crafted a new collection in their new eMuseum called Spring, which feature works that celebrate the spirit of spring with vivid colors, beautiful flowers, and blooming nature scenes — complete with virtual tours!

Crystal Bridges has over five miles of walking and biking trails around the museum grounds. The trails are pet-friendly as well, and the museum staff encourages trail visitors to practice social distancing and refer to CDC recommendations.