Something Better released its EP, People We Know & Love, on July 26 and had a show to celebrate on July 27 at The Meteor Café in Little Rock. The show also featured other acts including Jacob Hooks, or “Hook’d on Sonics,” Kyle Nelson, or “Untitled 1995,” and Mynt Wave. 

It was only Something Better’s second show with their newest member, Logan Moseley. Before he joined the band, it only consisted of two people, Madeleine Robinson and Josh Wyatt, who met in 2015 and released their debut album in 2018.

“We just added him to our project like two weeks ago,” Robinson said. “And we’ve just been jamming every night, and I swear every song we play him, he immediately plays it right.”

Before joining Something Better, Moseley was in a band called Hot Glory for a while, but he and his band mate went separate ways.

“I kind of started focusing on myself and my solo project for a while,” Moseley said. “I’ve been using open mic night at Sticky’s downtown as, like, a testing ground for songs.”

While Moseley worked on his solo project, Blimp, Robinson and Wyatt lived in Fayetteville, but recently moved back to their hometown of Little Rock where Wyatt found a new job and Robinson started attending the Universtiy of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Before the original duo met, they also made music independently. Robinson had a folky style and Wyatt’s was electronic. Their Spotify description explains the merging together of the two genres as the band’s namesake – “turns out, when you combine electronic beatbox music and acoustic folk, you end up with Something Better.”

The band discussed their respect for musicians able to be versatile in the types of music they produce. Moseley named Brian Eno as a huge inspiration for making the kind of music that feels right, and not just sticking to the same sound and doing what his audience expects. They also discussed their value they hold in using music as a tool to process emotions, and allowing their music to honestly display that emotion rather than holding back to appeal to a single aesthetic or genre of music.

“A big part of why we all make music is for ourselves, and to process what we’re feeling,” Wyatt said. “And to have an end product based on a moment in our lives that helps us celebrate what we’re going through.”

“Why do anything else?” Robinson said.

One of the musicians that performed, Kyle Nelson, also works at The Meteor. He has brought up the idea of using the café as a venue since he began working in February. After gaining the owner’s approval and going through the process of making it a legal venue, he brought together some Arkansas artists and made the show happen. He booked the artists and spread the word.

“The show Saturday was only our second one here and it was a great turn out and now we have momentum to do more,” Nelson said.

           Saturday made for a night of exciting new beginnings for Little Rock’s music scene. The band will also be playing at The Snappshack in Conway on Aug. 4. To learn more about them, visit their Instagram, somethingbetterband, or their Facebook, Something Better.