The Idle Class Quarantine Creative series features local creators and their spread of good fortune and creativity in a time of quarantine. What exactly are these artists doing to lift the spirits of our community while practicing social distancing? We’re here to find out. Next in the series: local musician Randall Shreve.

The “one-man-band” singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Randall Shreve, is a prominent musician of the Northwest Arkansas community. As a soulful vocalist with moving melodies, Shreve’s shows are often a spiritual experience for the audience. For over a decade Shreve has used his previous experience with a band and current stand-alone show to reach a new level, featuring looping and multiple instruments. He can be found on Spotify, Youtube, Facebook Live and other streaming platforms. 

As artists find ways to be creative during a time of social distancing, Shreve shared what he is doing to spread light and art in a time of seeming darkness with The Idle Class.

What have you been doing creatively during the “self distancing” period?

I’ve been deep in the writing process for a new album over the past couple months. When it became clear that we would all be in quarantine, I shifted my focus to live streaming shows. I’ve never done any live streaming at all until this, so it’s been an education in itself. After the first one I did, I realized how important it was for myself and for those tuning in. So, while I’m still working on the new recording, my main focus is keeping these shows fresh so I can do my part to make this time just a little more bearable. 

Why are you doing it?

Playing music is what I do. It brings me joy, keeps me sane and I’m told it brings joy to others. For a few days I thought maybe I was seeing the end of my career. The thought of that felt like a donkey kick to the chest. Then, I played my first live stream and realized that not only could I continue to communicate through music, but that people needed it more than ever before. I’ve gotten so many messages from people thanking me for giving them a break from all of this and that’s everything to me. That’s my new focus. 

Why is staying active in your art and finding new ways to express it important at a time like this? 

It’s always important to me to be creating and developing my craft, but now it seems more like a duty to my community. I’m seeing it differently and working from a different point of view. It seems more important than ever before.

Photo courtesy of Randall Shreve’s Facebook.