Rising from the stairs, the Maryland native and Grammy-nominated artist Maggie Rogers graced the audience with her angelic presence.


In both her starkly white ensemble and pure chill crafting vocals, Rogers set to the stage with a contagious energy bringing the audience to their feet at the Walmart AMP June 3 in Rogers, Arkansas. Opening with the first track on her latest album, “It Was Coming All Along,” she belted and boogied to the beat in such an uplifting manner.


With a quick transition to another song off of her album “Don’t Forget Me,” Rogers swiftly rips out strong vocals to the fast paced piece. I discovered her true talent through the vocal range she produced for this song.


To make the third song uniquely specific to her performance location for “So Sick of Dreaming,” Rogers changed the lyric of “And says he’s got Knicks tickets instead” to “And says he’s got Hog tickets instead.” She further connects to the audience by pointing the mic out for the later lyric to be changed to “(and, by the way, the Hogs lost).”


Tracks from Rogers’ newest album held the majority of the setlist, with a total of nine of the ten songs receiving stage time. Her visuals during the performance consisted of many moving stage lights and the camera crew swinging into the audience rather than strictly the stage.


During her performance of “Love You For A Long Time,” the screens on stage hosted a Kiss Cam showcasing the love of the audience as they enjoyed the song. Kisses were rare to occur, but a roar of applause followed those who did sneak a smooch with their loved one.


In her first tour where she sits and plays the piano herself, Rogers slowed it down with “I Still Do.” The audience outside the pit took a seat to pause their dancing and truly embrace the emotion of the lyrics.


Toward the end of the night, Rogers took a step back to her start by playing the song that led to her discovery by Pharrell Williams.


The song “Alaska,” which was also the name coined to the Walmart AMP’s themed drink for the night, came out of a class she took as a college student at New York University.


The closing song of the setlist was “That’s Where I Am” with Rogers making her way back up to the top of the stairs and gracefully being lowered just as she had arrived to start the set.


The two bonus numbers of her encore performance included “All the Same” and “Don’t Forget Me.”


After a performance like Rogers had that night, the audience will surely never forget her.