Sweet things are in store for Fayetteville as “Waitress” makes its debut at the Walton Arts Center. The sugary, buttery production features music written by Sara Bareilles and has been nominated for a Tony award four times.

Throughout the musical, the audience watches as Jenna, a waitress at Joe’s Pie Diner, masterfully creates the tastiest pies in the city. Her secret? She bakes her experiences into the pies. From her abusive marriage to her unexpected pregnancy to helping a friend impress a first date, Jenna makes a pie for any and all occasions. “Waitress” made its audience laugh out loud with witty one-liners, cleverly disguised secrets, and pie names like “Betrayed by my Eggs Pie” and “Deep (S—) Dish Blueberry Pie.”

As the show progresses, the audience watches as the characters grow—breaking out of their shell, finding love in unexpected places, and making messy mistakes. Jenna’s two best friends at work, her doctor, and Joe of Joe’s Pie Diner all teach themselves and each other more about what it means to be human and the difference between happy and happy enough. “Waitress” is a story of humanity, empathy, wrongdoing, love, and the courage to face life—even if you have to bake it till you make it.

“Waitress” is at Baum Walker Hall at the Walton Arts Center from April 9 to 14 and tickets can be purchased online.