The Fayetteville Women’s Concert Series, now in its third year, has a sweet lineup to kickoff the year. Witchsister and Angela Edge will debut the series and perform starting Feb. 8 at Ryleigh’s on Dickson Street.

The next performances include seasoned artists paired with less seasoned counterparts, such as Donna Mullholland and ElizabethNDiana; Judi Neal and Jurnie Jonae; and Lori Holyfield with Patti Steel, according to a press release. Bulldozer Health, Inc., the organizing nonprofit, has set up a women’s festival featuring PSS Trio and Malbec on Sept. 12.

Show series sponsors include Alchemy Art of Beauty, Conscious Coco, Arkansans for Cannabis Reform and Sparkansas.  The venues are also women-owned and include Ryleigh’s, Prairie St. Live, 612 Coffeehouse and Bar, and Mickey Finn’s Irish Pub. 

“Women in music are underrepresented on the radio, at award shows, and performing in local venues. We need to show local support for female artists, because what we do locally impacts all on a national level,” says Wendy Love Edge, Bulldozer Health, Inc. CEO. “We need to support women-owned venues and businesses because we can accomplish more my working together than by not working together. As we work together, community is created, there is more understanding (and) collaboration.”

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