Basement Brew dives headfirst into a melting pot of genres, from rock and country to hip-hop, the boys of BB do not discriminate when it comes to music. Their first-full length album, Lost in Ramble, is a musical montage of consciousness that we experience while figuring out what we want in life, and experiencing the melodic highs and lows from the freedom of not knowing. All of the songs on the album were written when the band members were in their early to mid-twenties, and because of that reflect the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional realizations they experienced during such a time. The album is powerfully instrumental, with heart-felt lyrics that please your sweet and sensitive side. Lost in Ramble is the sound of the Arkansas woods leaving the basement and going on vacation to the beach.

Forming their band in 2006, the original boys of Basement Brew are Lee Zodrow on keyboard and vocals, Patrick George playing lead guitar, Gideon Haden playing rhythm guitar and singing vocals, and Wes Packard on drums and percussion, with Will Eubanks joining a year and a half ago on bass and vocals. Having started playing music in a basement, the name Brew comes from the smorgasbord of sounds the band taps into. Basement Brew has been working hard recording their new album for the past year and a half, with some of the music having been written as long as 6 years ago, and other parts of songs having come together during the recording process.

“This record is really a more accurate depiction of what we can do, musically speaking, than anything we’ve done in the past. Because we spent so much time on it and were able to avoid cutting corners, we were able to make exactly the record we wanted to make,” said Eubanks. “In some ways making Lost in Ramble lit a fire under us as far as putting ourselves out there more, trying to really see where we can take this record and this band.”

Come to Smoke and Barrel Tavern on October 4th to support the release of Fayetteville’s band Basement Brew, with local songwriter Dana Louise and Springfield, MO band, The Too’s.  

(Photo courtesy of Basement Brew)