Award-winning composer and 2019 Black Apple Awards performer Amos Cochran will bid farewell to 2020 with a featured artist conversation with the University of Houston highlighting his sound piece “Colorfield Outside/In,” which is on display at the University campus through May 2021 as part of the Colorfield exhibition.

The upcoming Zoom conversation is a fitting end to a year that began with Cochran’s installation, film, and performance work branching out regionally, and has now landed him back in the solace of the studio. The Colorfied sound piece debuted in summer 2019 at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, and although his travel is limited, Cochran is delighted his work is reaching new audiences, he said.

Since March, Cochran has released five albums, composed five film scores, produced a stop motion animated score, reworked the Colorfield project for its new location, and premiered a collaborative audio visual piece at the 2020 London Design Festival.

Join Amos Cochran for this insightful conversation, moderated by Courtney Crappel, Director of the Moores School of Music at 5 p.m. Dec. 15. Registration is required. More information can be found at and