“Latina Stories: Abstraction and Expression” or “Historias Latinas: Abstracción y Expresión” is on view at Eclectic Kitchen in Fayetteville through May 30. Adriana Patrucco (Perú), Eloa Jane (Brazil), and Juliana Duque (Colombia) have created a spatial composition of evocative visual stimuli through abstraction and expression at the gallery’s boutique exhibition space, Eclectic Kitchen.

Adriana Patrucco (Perú), Eloa Jane (Brasil) y Juliana Duque (Colombia), crean una composición espacial de estímulos visuales evocados a través de la abstracción y la expresión en nuestro espacio de exhibición boutique, Cocina Ecléctica.

Eclectic Kitchen is located at 1218 Garland Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72703.

“Colorful. Rich. Poignant. These words barely describe the deep cultural impact of Latina women on the human story,” according to the exhibition statement. Adriana Patrucco (Perú), Eloa Jane (Brazil), and Juliana Duque (Colombia), create a spatial composition of evocative visual stimuli through abstraction and expression at our boutique exhibition space, Eclectic Kitchen.


Juliana Duque is a painter and graphic designer originally from Bogotà, Colombia. In 2008, she established herself in the visual arts community by working with several studios and art galleries in Miami, showcasing her work throughout South Florida. Duque is the recipient of two BCC Art Gallery awards, and the Kyra Belàn Endowed Scholarship for artists and has been published in the book Contemporary Painters by Danijela Kracun. She lives and works in Bella Vista.

“Hermano Mayor III” by Juliana Duque

Eloa Jane was born the second youngest of nine siblings in the small town of Caratinga in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. From an early age she sewed her own clothes, painted, sculpted, played the guitar and even toured local churches with her all-female quartet at the height of the Bossa Nova days. It was this artistic facet of her personality, combined with a passion for mathematics that drove her to acquire a degree in Architecture from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. She was an architect for 25 years and boasts an impressive portfolio of residences and Houses of Worship.

“Blake Lake” by Eloa Jane

Adriana Patrucco was born and raised in Peru. She is strongly influenced by the Peruvian indigenist painting from the first four decades of the 20th century particulaly the work of José Sabogal and Carlota Carvallo. Her attraction to these artists is reflected in the innovative use of exaggerated features of her portraits and the use of particular colors reminiscent of those used in Andean folklore. During her time at the School of Art in Lima, Peru, she also developed a strong career in children’s illustration. She paints at her home in Fayetteville.

“Moonlight” by Adriana Patrucco