Vote for your favorite Arkansas creatives! Nominee voting is open from Oct. 1-Oct. 23. We announce nominees on Oct. 24, then voting for the winners runs through Nov. 5.

Black Apple 2019 Nominees

Tell us your favorite Arkansas creatives who were active in the last year.
  • This can everything from furniture to knives to motorcycles to crafts. As long as it is handmade by an Arkansan.
  • This can be painting, illustration, mixed media, etc.
  • This can be sculptors, ceramicists, even performance artists. As long as it is 3 dimensional.
  • Rings, necklaces, etc. As long as it is homemade by an Arkansan.
  • This can be fashion photography, event photography or art photography. Just not commercial photography. We aren't handing out awards for engagement pics.
  • Got a favorite festival of some kind or an arts-related event? Here's the spot for that.
  • Outdoors or indoors. Painting, sculptures, interactive installations. As long as the artist is creating works that the public can access without paying a fee.
  • Stand up for sure, but maybe someone who has a comedic persona on social media or YouTube or other forms of media.
  • We are looking for everything from a dance company to a theatre troupe to an improv group. This is a broad one, but it must be a public performance of some sort.
  • We're looking for anything from public or independent radio or local television to YouTube, etc., as long as it is produced in Arkansas.
  • Maybe it's a guitar player, a hip-hop artist, or even a beat-boxer. If they're making music by themselves, insert their name here.
  • Electronic music or just a DJing - tell us who you love.
  • This one is pretty self-explanatory. Just as long as they're based out of Arkansas and currently active either through performing live or releasing music.
  • Lots of competition for this one. Just make sure they're here in the Natural State. Can be any type of food as long as it is a food truck or trailer.
  • Stick to bars, not specific drinks or bartenders.
  • Where do you like to get your favorite desserts or sweet treats?
  • Who's food do you love?
  • Tea, coffee, kombucha, even hot chocolate. Is it liquid and alcohol-free? Then tell us here.
  • Booze - beer, liquor, cider, etc. If it gets you drunk and they make it in Arkansas, tell us here. Stick to the company, not the specific type of alcohol though.